K Drama Recs!

After publishing I Believe in a Thing Called Love, I’ve had a ton of people ask me for K drama recs. The back of the book has a great list compiled by me and Drambeans, but I thought I would share it on my website here for reference, with a few additional recs! Happy watching!

x M



A gorgeous, epic fantasy romance that buried itself into my brain and I shall never forget is Goblin. Deeply romantic, hilarious, and the return of the perfect Gong Yoo!


Delightfully funny, cute, and romantic to boot—Strong Woman Do Bong Soon really surprised me with how much I loved it. A tiny girl with superhuman strength, c’mon.


One of the funniest K dramas I’ve had the pleasure of watching with two of my favorite charismatic leads, make sure you watch Jealousy Incarnate. An offbeat rom com that is truly comedic and grown-up.